A Letter to Racine


You probably are thinking, "Korey, you've been saying, 'so long' for SO LONG now that you should move already!"

That is true, and now as I am slowly packing up and transitioning out of different jobs and opportunities God has given me the honor of being a part of over the years, it's finally hitting me.

Yes! I am so excited for this new chapter, to marry my best friend and branch out into NEW opportunities, but I must also stop, reflect and thank God and the people of Racine Christian Church. Without this church and the grace of God, I wouldn't be IN church.

Thank you for showing me that even messy people can love God and serve His bride.

Thank you for giving me another family.

Thank you for letting me share different gifts God has given me.

Thank you for dealing with my weirdness.

Thank you for helping me love Jesus even more.

Thank you for your continued friendships.

Thank you for your support into this new journey.

Thank you.


Racine Christian Church has only been church to me for 5 years, but it is HOME. It is the place where God has shown up through the darkness and showed me signs of what He wants to do.

Seeing the growth of families... Seeing the children's wing getting close to being done... It makes me excited to keep hearing all about what God is doing and what He will do as you all reach the 37,000 people in the Newton county area who don't have a church home. That number is going to go down, I believe it!

What's next? Hannah and I will be getting married later this year and are praying for God to continue to show us His will and how to serve Him best. I have felt this tug on my heart the last year more and more to do something with children. They are a gift from The Kingdom and need good adults in their lives to lead them to Jesus so that they can start being Kingdom Workers now! We, as a couple, are excited to see what God does there.

So, thank you Racine Christian Church, for everything.

Love you all!