New York State of Mind

There truly is nothing like New York City. From the people, to man made skyscrapers that make you feel like you're being eaten alive, but yet it feels so right, to the smells... Pizza, hotdogs, the rich, the homeless, etc. and the most beautiful thing that caught my attention each and everyday: Opportunity. 

When I think of all the doors open to possibilities in New York, it reminds me of a quote by the name of Lloyd Christmas, "So you're saying there's a chance?". Yes! Chance. Possibility. Opportunity. It's all there.

I am beyond blessed that I got the chance...the opportunity to visit this grand place...the Big Apple! Did I meet Jimmy Fallon? No, but I made new friendships and memories to last a lifetime. Did I get to go to Hamilton The Musical? No, but I got to dance with a street performer who played the trumpet while tap dancing, then turned around and used his tips from that great talent to buy himself a Big Mac from McDonalds. What can beat that?

There are people everywhere! Transportation starts with a walk and ends with a subway ride home, but not without being greeted down under by a few rat friends. (They were sickly adorable)

That's just a little taste... "What could speak louder than words?" you may ask? Ha! Pictures of course... So let them tell the rest of the story! 

New York City... I could live there.