Korey Klein Studios is both a motion and still photography business.

"There's always a story in any and every situation of life. I'm just a guy with a camera wanting to capture that story."

My love for film has always been there.

From filming on old, fat, cheap family cameras with the siblings, to being the host of a super weird web show in Jr. High and my early High School days, to then stepping behind the camera and capturing life. Videography literally GREW on me...which led to my recent love of photography. 

I've always heard the saying, "A picture speaks a thousand words", and I can honestly tell you that, that quote is so spot on. 

All of this goes back to being thankful and blessed. I serve a God who gave me these talents, not to use for my own glory, but for His. I pray everyday that I'm here on this earth that I do so to the fullest!